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Sunna The Leader Headdress


Photographer: Shaun

Stylist: Leah Darling


Falconer Enchantress Headdress featured in FilmQuest and FantasyCon, Salt Lake City, Utah 2014



I've been a busy bee this year, and have made far more headdresses than were photographed. Finally, in the Winter of this year, I made time for a photo shoot with model, Oria St. James and photographer, Brittney Von Arlint, but the weather this day was rather uncooperative, and we had to wrap the shoot in just 4 minutes!! These great images were captured in this short time, before the heavens opened up and poured rain down upon us as we ran all the way back to the car. This headdress, Kråka (The Crow), was custom ordered by the creative director of Liseberg, a huge amusement park in Sweden for their Winter Ice show.


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