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Coyote Shaman
Coyote Shaman
Coyote Shaman
Coyote Shaman
Coyote Shaman
Coyote Shaman

Coyote Shaman Headdress by Rooster Baby                 --SOLD--

All materials have been ethically sourced and exceptionally well made.

Sacred art, ethically sourced and prayed over with every single stitch. Infused with Divine energy, this headdress is the expression of the High Priestess, the matriarchal chieftain of her clan, the bridge between the physical and divine realms.

The blonde strips of sari silk are sourced from a women's cooperative in India. The removable and adjustable silver veil jewelry is made by hand in Afghanistan. All the feathers are molted, some from my birds, some from my mom's birds. The young, male coyote was from my friend's property in Oregon and taxidermied by me.

The Coyote Shaman Headdress comes carefully wrapped in its own large, sturdy box for transport & storage between events.
* Box dimensions: 24x24x24", weight: 11 lbs 2oz, ships from 97405
* Domestic orders ship FedEx Ground or USPS Priority with Tracking & Insurance and take 2-5 business days to arrive.
* Please contact me for an International shipping price.

Please read entire listing. Purchasing items from me means that you have read and agreed to all Rooster Baby Policies. Thank you!

NOTE: All pictures, logos, designs and creations are of original, one-of-a-kind design, handmade and © Designs by Rooster Baby.

Coyote Shaman Headdress by Rooster Baby
Available at
Photographer - Sunyata Studios
Model - Samantha Vivian
Deluxe palazzo pants and golden shimmer top by Fräulein Couture
High waisted bustle coat and sheer shorts by Fräulein Couture
Accessories by Royal Macabre and model
MUA - Marie Newell
Altar & Styling by Rooster Baby

I purchase supplies from reputable sources and use cruelty free, molted, and roadkill feathers.

All Rooster Baby products and designs which include, but are not limited to headdresses, earrings, clips, gloves, jewelry, etc. are protected by patent and are not available for recreation or reproduction of any kind, except by Rooster Baby. Also, any use of Rooster Baby products and designs for press or publication must be accompanied with proper credit to Rooster Baby Designs.

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