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"Quill couture is not just a hot trend, it is a way to express your wild inner beauty."


Rooster Shannon, owner and designer of Rooster Baby, has been designing and creating "Urban Tribal" headdresses since 2009. An innovator in the genre of Quill Couture, her work has been featured in several magazines including Dark Beauty, Editorial, Guiseppina and Miroir, as well as in the Denver Westword, Eugene Weekly, FilmQuest and FantasyCon. Her headdresses have also been paraded at such prestigious festivals like Burning Man, Lightning in a Bottle, What The Festival, Oregon Country Fair, BOOM and Shambala.  Her art is inspired by and embodies the greatness of Earth's elements and energies and deities throughout all cultures across time. It is intended that the wearing of a Rooster Baby headdress activates the crown shakra to channel Power into the wearer and unleash their inner God and Goddess. Each piece is custom crafted by

Contributing Artists Credits:



Sunyata Studios

Brittney Von Arlint

Ojo Photography



Samantha Vivian

Sarah Carter

Cassie Moon

Ema Swaim

Grace Carroll-Anderson

Ayuni Kelton

Bella Culnane

Shelby Brammer

Dhira Lawrence

Britta Gee

Brittany Wilson

Cat Doris

Elsa Doris


Hair & MUA:

* Alisha Basham

* Marie Newel

* Whitney Griffin

* Paris Black

* Ashley Villalobos

* Miz Priya

Clothing Designers:

* Crossfox

* ZhenNymph

* Sacred Empire

* Warrior Within Designs

* Cosmic Touch

* Anne Bocci Boutique & Gallery

* Fräulein Couture

* Royal Macabrè


hand, with intention and love, to connect Ceremony and Play, Dancer & Dreamer. Her headdresses have adorned people exchanging vows of love and commitment, those deep in ritual at altar, as well as upon the heads of dancers and aerialists and playful people dancing til dawn. Unlock your fire, unleash your inner Goddess, and shake those feathers with Rooster Baby.


I am adamant about the ethical issues involved in my work, which is why 90% of my feathers are molted, found & repurposed, and some are from my own birds and from those of my friends'. All the leather I use is from recycled scraps. And all of my eco-friendly pieces are of original, one-of-a-kind design.

All of my feather art is listed for sale on Etsy. I post new feather hair pieces and headdresses as they are made, so check back often for the latest designs. I also make custom orders.​ If you would like to learn more about me and follow my art and life adventures, you can follow me here or on facebook.

~Many Blessings,
Rooster Baby

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